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Proven Success: 85% plus
gain an A or A* at A level, Classroom assessment results also improve!

With my unique approach of learning and memorising at the same time via the use of colours, keywords and images, over 85% of my students manage to secure a grade A and above at A Level. My trialled and tested approach is second to none at delivering results, improving understanding and developing a student's interest in the ever fascinating world of Economics. With a background in marking the very exams that students are preparing for, I have devised a thorough strategy to ensure common exam mistakes are not made where many marks can be thrown away.

Customised Learning 

Some students' strengths lie in comprehension and weaknesses in mathematical analysis, other students' strengths may be in evaluation yet weaknesses in essay writing. Wherever the weaknesses may lie, they will be identified and an action plan will be implemented to rectify immediately. All students will receive homework and classwork which are highly individual to them to allow them to develop a full circle approach to their final exam. Any weaknesses will be thoroughly worked upon to ensure marks are not lost in this area.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Each student is individual and has strengths and weaknesses. The subject of economics tests many areas such as mathematical, analytical, grammatical and evaluative to name a few. After helping thousands of students, I work at each students pace to eliminate all weaknesses, promote strengths and formulate and exam approach that can help to achieve their full potential. I have had much experience with dyslexic and autistic students and have never let these minor difficulties, or differences in learning (as I prefer to put it), interfere with the end goal of achieving an A.

University Guidance and Personal Statement help

My help and guidance doesn’t stop at Economics A Level. I have helped countless students in their preparations for their university applications whilst helping with their all-important personal statements. This is what the unversities look at with predicted grades to determine if the student will be offered a place or not. further to this, I have provided advice about which courses can help them get onto different career paths, many of whom want to enter the highly sought after industry of banking, finance and accountancy. Also providing useful university success tips have prompted many previous students to show appreciation many years later, via text and email, remaining in contact.

In The News
Parents consider ‘top-up’ home tuition with private school costs on the rise

"With the average amount for private school fees currently running at over £14,296 a year and with fees increasing at around four per cent per annum, many parents are supplementing their child's state school education with private home tuition..."

September, 2013

A-level results 2013: Dip in top grades

"Just over a quarter of exam entries - 26.3% - were given A or A* grades, a slight fall on 2012's figure of 26.6%..."

August, 2013

Economics is the fastest growing A level option!

"Lots of coverage in the media over the last few days following the publication of A Level results for Summer 2013 and much of it has focused on the increasing take-up of so-called "harder" A Level subjects..."

August, 2013


      Without Bhavin's help I would never have thought I could pass economics. He really simplifies every topic and then builds the depth. He is the best tutor out there, and I have had many over the years!


    After 3 Economics teachers at school and a many supply teachers my class had barely been taught anything. I started getting tuitions only 4 months before exams and with 3 hours a week with Mr. Doshi I was able to get an A at AS Level. He has always been professional, punctual and gone the extra mile for me. He even helped advise me on my class presentations and projects, which allowed me to be the best student in economics in my year! Would definately recommend!




Misha Chaudhry, Ickenham, London

Andrew McCarthy,  Kenton, London

      Bhavin taught my older sister before me and helped her retake 2 years in 2 terms, achieve an A and she went on to study Economics at university after vowing she hated the subject initially! I had 1hour a week from the start of my AS to end of A2, stayed on top of all my work and achieved 94% and an A* overall!


      Bhavin was teaching 4 of my friends and turned their grades around from Cs and Ds to As and Bs so I also started getting tuition from him. He helped me to understand economics and get the best grade I could possible get so I didn't even mind travelling across London to see him.




— Luke Man, Camden, London

— Pooja Shah. Northwood, London

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