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"Bhavin taught my older sister before me and helped her retake 2 years in 2 terms, achieve an A and she went on to study Economics at university after vowing she hated the subject initially! I had 1hour a week from the start of my AS to end of A2, stayed on top of all my work and achieved 94% and an A* overall!"

- Pooja, Northwood, Studying Mathematics with Economics  at UCL



"Bhavin was one of the many economics tutors I had throughout my 2 years of A-level economics and without a doubt he was the best. I started with him around 4 months before my A2 exams with a C and D in my mocks. After I had lessons I very quickly improved and came out with an overall A* in economics! I’m very glad that I made the decision to have Bhavin as my tutor. I am sure the grade I achieved would have not been possible without him."

-Angelos, Rickmansworth, studying Business Management at Kings University London



"Bhavin tutored me for a year to cover the A2 modules in economics. I was very pleased with his style of tutoring as he simplified economic concepts and made the process of revision much easier and more enjoyable. I especially liked his approach to lessons as each week he would cover topics and exam technique at a pace that suited me and I would walk away with a comprehensive set of notes to revise from at the end of each lesson. I achieved an A grade (Unit 3-69/80, Unit 4-108/120) and couldn't have done it without Bhavin! I wouldn't definitely recommend him to anyone looking to better understand economics and achieve the grade they deserve."

-Anushka, Cannons Park



"Bhavin is an exceptional Economics tutor, like no other. He explains theory flawlessly - with real life examples - making what originally seemed like the most complicated idea in the universe, utterly simple. His unique technique of explaining content is perfect, especially in sync with his amazingly paced introduction to past papers. I have never felt so comfortable with a teacher as well as with drawing market structure graphs at the end of each session - I could literally do it with my eyes closed. In conclusion, Bhavin is definitely worth every single penny and is without a doubt one of the best Economics tutors in the business, and there simply aren't good enough adjectives to describe how simply perfect this mastermind is."

-Bhavini, Eastcote, Studying Geography at University of Northampton



"I’m currently in sixth form and am retaking the year after failing my A-Levels. My results for Economics were just horrendous, I got a U. I did not understand anything in Economics I learnt in school. I hated the subject with a passion. After finding Mr Doshi online. I decided to take the lessons.  After just the first lesson I had with Mr Doshi I felt so happy because I actually understood Economics and it was not hard as I thought it was! As the days went by I started taking more lessons my knowledge has expanded. Mr Doshi is an outstanding teacher! I have never had a teacher so passionate and determined to teach me and to make me successful in life. His lessons are enjoyable. He breaks all the economics down in the terms you understand. He will give several of examples. There are a lot of colours involved as this helps me to visualize and to remember well.  Each lesson I have been to, has been productive and I have learned many new things Even if you don’t understand he will go over it again and not moan because he is always willing to help you. All you have to do is ask! The time flies so quickly when I am in his lessons because Mr Doshi makes economics fun and easy to understand. In school for my controlled assessment and mock I have gone from a U grade student last year to A.  I never thought I would get A in Economics! Now I am going to start my second year of A Levels, I’m going to take Economics and Maths in university. This because of Bhavin is an amazing teacher, he’s friendly and like a mentor to me. I’m so grateful that he has helped me to understand economics and made me enjoy it. Without him I would not be the bright student I am today at school and he has truly changed my life around. I guarantee you he can make you understand economics and have an impact in your life. The service is 10 out 10!"

- Nirojan, Canons Park


"Results day had left me with a sour taste in my mouth regarding my A level Economics grade as I believed that the "C" that I achieved  did not adequately reflect my ability in the subject or the amount of effort I put in ( although my other grades were good enough to get me into my University). 

After my first few lessons with Mr Doshi, I became more confident in my exam approach and understood where I had gone wrong. Using his exam strategy to answer exam questions and going through them on a one on one basis, as

well as his excellent understanding and teaching of the subject, I could see myself improving through the structured tasks and questions set weekly.

This allowed me to go into the exam with confidence and a firm understanding of the subject and how the exam board wanted me to answer the questions. Which resulted in me improving my Grade leaps an bounds from a "C" to an A*! Something I know would not be possible without his help, enthusiasm for the subject and his professional manner when dealing with students."

- Ashwin, Harrow, Studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics Lancaster University


Bhavin taught me since the start of the school year and helped me develop my understanding of economics at A-level. He helped to simplify complex economic theory to help me achieve my potential (A at AS level). I would highly recommend using Bhavin as a tutor!

- James, Pinner


Great teacher, thanks for everything!! A grade attained!

- Dillon, Pinner/ Northwood

Bhavin was a fantastic economics tutor and really helped me through what is a tough subject. We went through each topic in every unit thoroughly, making notes on all of it. Sometimes the topics we covered did not go consecutively throughout the course which meant it didn't correspond completely with what I studied at school but by the time of the exams that did not matter. I would highly recommend anyone starting out with economics to have Bhavin as a tutor and especially from day one as his tutoring style does carry you from September to the exam. I got an A*

-Isabelle, Pinner

Bhavin was a great teacher. I had a U in my mock and within 5 months that became an A in my actual exam achieving 97/100 in a module.

-Kory, Harrow on the Hill

Bhavin helped me go from a D to an A*! I cannot thank him enough for his expertise, confidence in me and for always going the extra mile. He gave me the ability to ace most questions after almost a year of his help. The hardest of topics became so easy to understand, develop and apply! He always gave me good advice of other areas like UCAS, extracurricular activities, university screening, job applications, networking events and how to succeed at most things. He is a true mentor in life.  Sad to move on but now its for the next chapter in life.

-Jay, Moor Park


"Mr.  Bhavin Doshi is one of the greatest tutors there are. He is very friendly and you can be comfortable around him. He will work to your pace and has an amazing lesson layout by which he makes notes.  Very helpful.  There are very few teachers who know what they're doing when teaching Economics,  Bhavin is definitely one of them. Before I started lessons with him I had no clue what economics was, thanks to him I got an A in my Unit 1, 92UMS marks and I have no doubt his teaching will get me the A* I want in Economics.  Great teacher."  

-Kunal, Ruislip



"Without Bhavin's help I would never have thought I could pass economics. He really simplifies every topic and then builds the depth. He is the best tutor out there, and I have had many over the years!"

-Misha, Ickenham, Studying Accounting and Finance at Nottingham.



"I heard about Bhavin through my friends in the year above who had passed economics with flying colours. I had 2 economics tutors before and really was not happy with the quality of service and support i received from them. I started lessons with Bhavin and immediately started to enjoy the subject and more importantly started to understand what i was doing wrong. I turned my grade around from a C to and A in 4 short months. I cannot thank Bhavin enough for helping me as this allowed me to get into the university and course  I wanted. I would rate the service as 10 out of 10 and would definitely recommend him to anyone studying economics!"

- Rachel, Pinner, Studying Accounting and Finance at City University London



"Bhavin was teaching 4 of my friends and turned their grades around from Cs and Ds to As and Bs so I also started getting tuition from him. He helped me to understand economics and get the best grade I could possible get so I didn't even mind travelling across London to see him."

-Luke, Kentish Town



“Bhavin was a unbelievable help to me. At the start of the year I was really struggling with my AS economics but within a few weeks I grasped the syllabus thanks to his excellent teaching approach. It was a pleasure having Bhavin as a tutor, overall would definitely rate his tuition as 10/10”

Tom, Gerrards Cross



“Bhavin taught me the AS and the A2 course in one year. With his help I was able to achieve the grade needed to go to university. His method really increased my understanding and knowledge of economics. He is one tutor that I enjoyed going to see and working with so I would recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve the best possible grade in economics”

Roshan, Harrow



"At the start of AS, Economics was my most difficult subject and a subject that I thought I would drop for A2 as I was receiving poor grades. After having lessons with Bhavin, I started to achieve higher grades as he made me understand topics in much more depth. I started to like the subject and wanted to continue economics for A2. Bhavin is the most fantastic tutor that anyone could ever wish for. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to excel in economics or even think about planning to study the subject in University. In every lesson my knowledge would be enhanced because he is so devoted to his teaching. He is determined that I understand each and every topic properly and leaves no stone unturned. His teaching approach makes the lesson very enjoyable as he breaks down each topic with many examples and makes sure that I know every topic without any doubt. Bhavin will go over topics that I’m weak on repeatedly until I fully grasp the concept. I will never hesitate to ask a question or a topic again as I know he will be willing to help. Bhavin is a tutor that is very dedicated to his students and I will definitely recommend him to anyone. He is a tutor that I will never forget as his support is overwhelming. The service is 10 out of 10, without doubt!"

-Neroshi, Hatch End



"After 3 Economics teachers at school and a many supply teachers my class had barely been taught anything. I started getting tuitions only 4 months before exams and with 3 hours a week with Mr. Doshi I was able to get an A at AS Level. He has always been professional, punctual and gone the extra mile for me. He even helped advise me on my class presentations and projects, which allowed me to be the best student in economics in my year! Would definitely recommend!"

-Andrew,  Chalfont


Bhavin's method of teaching is very effective, the method of look,cover and write. I think that is one of the main reasons why I got the highest mark (A) in my year group at my school!

- Monish, Kenton


Bhavin is without a doubt the best tutor I have met. Despite living an hours drive away, I attended late evening sessions once a week. Bhavin's teaching approach would make content that I found difficult to understand in class seem easy in a matter of minutes. Thanks to Bhavin I was able to massively improve my grade. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to succeed in Economics.

- Yash, Broxbourne


At the end of AS I was on a C in economics, by the end of A2 I was able to achieve an A. This was mainly down to the practice and technique that I was able to learn though Bhavin.

- Shaneel, Kenton


Before Bhavin was my tutor, my confidence in Economics was low. However, with his help, I had concise notes and understood each and every concept very well. Bhavin was always available,even outside of tuition time, for me to contact if I was finding it difficult to get to grips with a topic. He taught me in a way that was directly linked with my specification so that all topics were covered properly! A 10/10 tutor who was always punctual! A grade overall!

- Maria, Eastcote

Bhavin was a great tutor, helped me a lot with knowledge and exam technique, so that even on hard questions I would get marks. I would definitely recommend him helped me go from an C to an A. Gave me a deeper understanding of economics as well as helping me rekindle my enjoyment for the subject.

- Moses, Watford













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