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I accept cash, bank transfer and direct debits. Unfortunately I am unable accept cheques any longer. Travel charges vary on location, the average travel charge is £4.

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How do I pay for your services and how much can I expect to pay for travel?

I'll call to arrange a date and time for our first lesson which will either be at my premisis in North Harrow, London or at your home, if within 7 miles of North Harrow. After the first lesson I will give an estimate of predicted grade and the work that needs to be completed and given that you and your child are happy we will continue the course of tuition. Note a small additional travel fee may be imposed for costs and time spent travelling

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How does this tuition work

The requirements are a suitable working environment, e.g. dining table, where your child can focus for the duration of the lesson. If you are requesting a group tuition session then you must have the capacity for all students. Also I request that the designated area remains free from distraction if feasible, e.g. pets and mobile phones.

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If tuition is at my home, what do I need?
Will you keep me updated on progress?

Yes, I will keep you updated on progress in lessons, homework completion, test/ quiz results, areas of strengths, areas of weakness that we are working on and practice paper results. Communication may be via text, call, email or in person as required.

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I work on strict grounds and a mutual respect basis. If a student has failed to present their homework on 3 separate occasions then I will stop teaching them. Both homework and classwork are necessary to get the best results. I never set unfair or large amounts of homework yet these are required for consolidation of classwork and to move on. With 99.9% of students this is never an issue and there is a fun learning relationship.


What behavioral policy do you have?

Many students enjoy learning together with friends and classmates so a group session can be booked. This can be held at my premisis in North Harrow or at your home. The maximum size of class I teach at my premesis is 4 students. I run revision courses all over London also. Contact for more information.

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How do the Classes work?
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