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Exam Preparation

Custom made Economics A-level exam preparation program

Every student is different and the exams sat at AS and A level test students on a number of different assessment criteria. The basics include knowledge, analysis, application and evaluation across all topics in the syllabus paired with the correct exam structure. Most importantly students must understand what the question is actually asking. All of these areas are thoroughly developed from the first lesson to ensure exam success. Each student differs in their strengths and weaknesses. These will be identified and areas of weakness will be quickly addressed to allow for a comprehensive exam approach. From the first lesson, students will start to understand what it is the examiner is looking for in answers to questions. This thorough approach has allowed all students to improve their grade and achieve their potential.

What the thorough exam prepation involves


Theories and topics are explained addressing key definition. These all are to the exam specification which ensures marks will be gained for use in exams. Definitions are expected to be memorised and random tests encourage students to stay on top of these at all times.



This is where the examiners expect students to use the knowledge to apply to the topic at hand using relevant contextual examples fully developed.



Analysis is the development of knowledge to more complex explanation. This includes using graphs, diagrams, calculations and linking many topics to the one question. Analysis is developed from the first lesson.



This is where most students lack development and what is required for the higher mark questions. In all exam boards if the student does not evaluate to a sufficient degree then up to half of the marks can be cut.


Quality of Written Communication

This assesses a candidate's ability to communicate ideas and theories clearly, coherently and with the correct terminology.

Structure and final conclusions are also looked at in the exam approach and so special attention is paid to this area of assessment.



Question understanding

Examiners do not make it easy for students to understand what the question is asking. There is a vast jump from GCSE to A Level in terms of question understanding, depth of answers and also exam structure. My experience as an examiner has put me at an advantage as I have the inside knowledge of what is required. Also having an established network of examiners who help to identify common areas of weakness allows my exam preparation approach to be the best possible.

Time Management

The largest questions with the most marks are at the end of the exam. If time management is not developed then even a student who knows the entire syllabus and exam approach, will not achieve their potential as they will not finish the exam in time. Time management and putting students under timed pressure when answering questions is promoted throughout the tuition course. This invaluable helps with overall time management as majority of questions have been attempted and perfected before actual practice exams are set


Stress Relief

Exam periods are a stressful time and these nerves can interfere with sleeping patterns, eating habits, revision programmes and worst of all the actual exam and thus grade. I offer simple stress relief techniques to students which they can use to help ease the pressure and thus achieve their full potential

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