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Pricing - Academic year 2022-2023

Skype Lessons available Nationally (UK) and Internationally to help students prepare for Exams on boards AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Very popular for Boarding school students such as those from Eton, Harrow, St. Mary's, Westminster and St. Pauls.
How they Work - Students/ Parents liaise via telephone or email, we discuss the needs of each student and the best plan going forward to maximise their A Level Economics result. We then schedule a lesson and start tuitions. The course content is delivered via screen sharing over Skype. Custom lectures are created for students if required. Also there is a large emphasis on setting exam questions for homework and talking through shorter questions in the lesson alongside dictation of content to ensure each student has a set of notes to enable them to get top results.


Consultancy services

SME Business efficiency analysis and recommendations = £250 per hour/ £1500 per 7 hour day

UCAS referencing services = £175 per hour

(Usually 1-5 hours are required for this. Available exclusively for existing & past students and includes liasing with relevant universities, their admissions departments, UCAS for UK students and submission of personal statement/ references etc.)

Personal Statment Consultancy = £500 per personal statement

(Includes up to 3 hours of consultation and editing)

One To One Tuition

A - Level tuition = £150 per hour

Undergraduate tuition = £250 per hour

(Including between 30-60 mins preparation time per hour lesson)

Adult Economic learning courses = £200 per hour

(Basic package = 20 hours, Intermediate package = 35 hours, Expert package = 50 hours)





Class Tuition


Works on a basis of students arranging the class with peers, friends or family also wanting economics tuition. Most commonly the students are classmates from the same school. These are be conducted online or potentially at my premesis in North Harrow.

2 students = £80 per student per hour

3 students = £75 per student per hour

4 students = £70 per student per hour















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