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How my Economics tuition can help

My innovative approach to the complex subject of economics delivers exam success. I have taught over 1000 students on a one-to-one and small class basis with the main emphasis of getting the best grade possible. Specialising at A-Level I have helped countless candidates over all three exam boards, Edexcel, OCR and AQA, understand and grow to love the subject of Economics, majority of whom decide to study it further at Degree level.


Being a former exam marker at A-Level standard I am familiar of the common pitfalls in understanding and exam approach, which allows me to thoroughly prepare all students to the highest caliber.


I have a commitment to every single one of my students to devote as much time, effort and guidance as possible to allow them to understand the syllabus, exam questions, structure their answers correctly which ultimately translates to the highest grade that they can attain 85%+ receive an A or A*

My extensively thorough approach leaves no stone unturned when preparing for exams to ensure students are more than adequately prepared for their final exam. My logical approach has allowed pupils to excel in all areas of economics. My one to one tutoring structure for success involves

  • Meeting pupils and formulating a roadmap to allow their learning style to progress efficiently and quickly
  • Working through weak areas with problem and exam question setting and then walking through and resetting similar questions
  • Ensuring comprehensive completion of one topic before moving on through setting homework
  • Learning all areas of the exam board guidelines be it Edexcel, AQA, OCR or BTEC courses
  • Thorough exam preparation to ensure best grade is attained
  • Round the clock support which has proved extremely beneficial before exams
  • Giving effective revision tips and stress management during exam periods


I believe all pupils to be individual and having studied the subject for over nine years, I tailor shape the subject of economics to help them understand it best.


I have an extremely thorough approach to ensure all students exceed the standard of the four main assessment criteria, outlined below.




Theories and topics are explained addressing key definition. These all are to the exam specification which ensures marks will be gained for use in exams. Definitions are expected to be memorised and random tests encourage students to stay on top of these at all times.

This is where the examiners expect students to use the knowledge to apply to the topic at hand using relevant contextual examples fully developed. This involves proving to the examiner that students haven't just memorised their notes, they fully understand the topic and can explain it in a variety of methods .

Analysis is the development of knowledge to more complex explanation. This includes using graphs, diagrams, calculations and linking many topics to the one question. The fundamentals behind the diagrams and mathematics will be fully understood and analysis is developed from the first lesson.

This is where most students lack development and what is required for the higher mark questions. In all exam boards if the student does not evaluate to a sufficient degree then up to half of the marks can be cut.

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